Sgreen Distribution


As a distributor, you want to provide the highest quality products to your customers. You help them find solutions to conflicts that arise. You ensure you’re partnering with companies that care about what they produce and value relationships they create and maintain. Supplying Sgreen® chemicals and equipment will uphold your honorable standards and better the lives of your customers.

Sgreen® chemicals were designed with the printer’s and earth’s health in mind. Screen printing can be messy and toxic. From manufacturing garments to chemical waste and water pollution, screen printing has some work to do to become safer. Sgreen® chemicals and equipment have paved the road to finding cleaner, greener solutions in a shop. 

The chemicals are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and eco-friendlier™. They’re tough, powerful enough to get the job done. Best of all, they have a citrus smell, rather than the nasty, industrial cleaning odor. The Sgreen® line offers ink removers, dehazer, degreaser, emulsion remover, ink degrader, wipes, and pallet adhesive. Manufactured by Franmar, who has a long track record of manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly chemistry specifically suited for the needs of screen printers. Your clients will be able to replace most, if not all, of their cleaning chemicals to be sustainable. 

It doesn’t stop there. To continue transforming the screen printing industry to become environmentally-friendly, Sgreen® has equipment for the darkroom. Printers can protect their plumbing and environment with the Sgreen® washout booth and filtration system. The filtration system filters out harmful waste products, stopping it before they are flushed down the drain. People care about the environment. People care about their health. Providing them the option to use cleaner chemicals and equipment will energize them to put their values into practice.

Sgreen® isn’t for a specific demographic, it touches a wide audience – from individuals who are new to screen printing to those who are working on several automatic presses. By investing in the eco-friendly line, you will deliver a product that will benefit the majority of your clientele. 

If Sgreen® chemicals are the cleaning products your customers need, reach out to us. Email us at