Screen Printing Dark Room Kit Mini |

Screen Printing Dark Room Kit Mini

Establishing a screen printing darkroom in your shop will help elevate your production capabilities to the next level, while being mindful of your environmental impact. The Darkroom Mini Kit comes with everything you'd need to to build out your entry level darkroom – including washout sinks, chem kits, dunk tanks, scrub pads.

This kit is great for people who are beginning to dabble in the darkroom world, or who are operating in a smaller space.


  • 1 New Sgreen Washout Sink
  • 1 LED Light Kit
  • Sgreen Quart Chem Kit*
  • Scrub Pads 6-pack
  • 2 Reusable Scrub Pad Handle - Handle Only
  • Dunk Tank & Chem


  • Sgreen Supreme Wash Ink Remover
  • Sgreen Aqua Wash Water Based Ink Degrader
  • Sgreen Degreaser
  • Sgreen Stripper Emulsion Remover
  • Sgreen Ink Degrader Plastisol Ink Remover
  • Sgreen Haze Remover
  • Sgreen Adhesive
  • Ryo Green Hand Cleaner
  • Sgreen Wipes