Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit |
Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit |
Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit |
Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit |
Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit |

Sgreen Dunk Tank Kit

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Speed up your screen reclamation process with a dunk tank. Say goodbye to tedious and messy cleaning methods. The Sgreen® Dunk Tank holds 6 screens up to 23” x 32”, completely and effortlessly removing ink and emulsion. Made of high-quality, ⅛” thick aluminum to minimize bulging, the Sgreen® Dunk Tank is a high-production shop must-have. Simplify your screen reclamation process and unlock a new level of productivity and convenience with the Sgreen® Dunk Tank today.



  • Speed up reclaim by soaking 6 screens at a time
  • Dramatically reduces chemical & water usage compared to traditional reclaim
  • Minimal bulging means less product going to waste


  • Chemical-resistant & leakproof
  • ⅛” aluminum construction
  • Dramatically reduces chemical usage
  • Optional lid
  • Fits 6 screens up to 23" x 32"
  • Hose attachment 
  • Made in USA 


  • O.D. 36” x 13” x 25.25"
  • Fill volume: 30 gallons or 4.5" from the top of the tank


  1. Pour 27 gallons of water into the tank, then pour 3 gallons of an emulsion remover. The solution should be milky.
  2. Remove all ink and tape from screens. 
  3. Place screens (up to 6) into the tank. Let them soak for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Remove screens from the tank. It's okay if strips of emulsion have fallen off. Place screens in washout booth and pressure wash off the rest of the emulsion.
  5. Dehaze the screens.
  6. Place the next stack of screens into the tank,
  7. Degrease the screens.
  8. Repeat.