Sgreen Washout Booth Filtration System |
Sgreen Washout Booth Filtration System |
Sgreen Washout Booth Filtration System |

Sgreen® Washout Booth Filtration System

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The Sgreen® Filtration System is an ink filtration system designed to remove harmful waste solids from the screen cleaning process while protecting your plumbing and the environment from harmful byproducts. Even when using eco-friendly inks and chemicals, the screen cleaning and reclaiming process can cause harmful solids to be flushed down the drain. Placing the Sgreen® Filtration System under your washout booth will filter out these waste products from your water and allow you to run a greener shop with a cleaner conscience. The Sgreen® Filtration system catches the water as it comes out of the sink, sending it through six stages of filtration for the optimal clean water. The first stage is a disposable filter which catches all of the big particles immediately; then the water goes through a series of three reusable screens: 86, 156, and 200 mesh. The filtered water then flows into a pump holding tank where a high powered industrial sump pump is triggered, pushing the water through the final two stages: a 70 micron and 20 micron filter. With this six stage filtering process, you can be confident that the water has been filtered multiple times, most solids have been removed, and any remaining particulate has been reduced to 20 microns, giving you clean water and a true eco-friendly screen cleaning process.

  • Cleans harmful byproducts from waste water.
  • Six-stage water filtering process catches waste ranging from the largest emulsion pieces to the tiniest ink particles.
  • Recommended for shops running a single auto, or working with up to 100 screens per day.
  • Increased volume or usage will require more frequent cleaning of the system.
  • Great solution for the end of a Lotus/Auto-reclaimer once the solids are initially removed.
  • Recommended to always practice smart ink management.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Six filters, ranging from a 86 mesh screen to 20 microns
Assembled Dimensions:

31.73" W x 20.73" D x 18.92" High