Sgreen Washout Booth 48" w/ Backlit System |
Sgreen Washout Booth 48" w/ Backlit System |
Sgreen Washout Booth 48" w/ Backlit System |

Sgreen® Washout Booth 48" w/ Backlit System

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  • Improves handling and discarding hazardous waste byproducts
  • Its aluminum and steel construction means the washout booth will last a lifetime
  • Light-safe backlighting makes it easy to spot residual emulsion when rinsing and reclaiming screens

When you’re reclaiming or rinsing a screen, having a washout booth does wonders. Not only does it make the task painless to complete, the washout booth properly disposes of chemicals and emulsion by-products. By discarding chemicals correctly, you’ll save yourself from the possibility of wrecking your plumbing and septic systems (and diminishing the harmful effects on the environment).

Take better care of your screens with the Sgreen® 48” Washout Booth. With a solid stainless steel basin, splash-containing walls, a top shelf, and light-safe backlighting, the washout sink makes it easy to prep, rinse, and reclaim screens while keeping the mess contained and your printing area clean.


  • Rustproof stainless steel basin
  • Sturdy corrosion-resistant aluminum legs and side
  • Translucent back-splash for back-lighting
  • Back-light attachment with easy on/off side access and water resistant fittings
  • 1-1/2" Female nominal pipe thread drain (AKA 1-1/2 NPT)


  • 48” W x 25” D x 74” H
  • 113 lbs